Friday, September 28, 2012

Education: Learn Technical Analysis / Elliott wave trading

Waves Strategy Advisors ( conducting a course on technical analysis that will help you learn how to trade using Technical analysis and Elliott wave along with basic indicators which are necessary to be used along with it. The course duration will be approximately 12 hours and is on 6th - 7th October from morning 10:30 onward.

 What you get:

- Learn the practical aspect of Elliott wave

- Understand bias theory and importance of other technical tools necessary to be applied along with Elliott wave

- Learn how to use charting software - Metastock and correct way of looking at market waves

- Get 1 week of free research reports on Equity / Commodity that are published daily to see practical application of wave theory 

Limited seats available, So Hurry up and register your seats now by writing us on or call on +91 9920422202

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