Saturday, January 14, 2012

Infosys Elliott wave analysis and Results.....

Infosys result weighs on the Indian markets but Bloomberg suggests profits beat analysts’ estimates!

Below is the chart of Infosys after the results were announced. Write to us on to get complete elliott wave analysis and what we expect from IT industry as a whole. Few wave labels and path ahead for Infy have been purposely deleted from the below chart: 

Infosys Daily chart 
Infosys declared better than estimated profits as per Bloomberg but still this stock was down more than 8% in single day just based on future guidance. This is a very big fall for IT bellwether but is no surprise to us. For IT, we mentioned before on 27th December 2011 that “It is quite sometime since we covered IT bellwether TCS and Infosys. The above chart (shown on 27th December) is a Daily representation of TCS prices and it clearly indicates why we are refraining in providing any views on this stock. Prices have been moving up in overlapping formation with random movements within the channel. We also mentioned entire rally as corrective and so looking for selling opportunities”

This clearly put forwards the point what happens when wave structure suggests weakness but prices move up in overlapping formation. We believe that events do not drive stock market and can lead to only short term movements or spikes but it is the basic social mood and perception of the crowd that moves the stocks. Infosys movement after results clearly conforms to this belief.

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