Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hindalco BLUE PRINT!!!

The below chart was published in Financial Edge Short term update, a Daily publication of Indian market. A few of the labelings have been purposely removed. Write to us on helpdesk@wavescapital.com if you would like to subscribe.
Hindalco Daily Chart

On the daily chart we can see an amazing scenario developing in Hindalco prices based on the study of Time cycles & Fibonacci relationship. The stock has retraced 61.8% of the entire upmove from 37 -250 levels.

Prices have corrected 55% from the highs of 250 levels in 233 days both 55 and 233 are Fibonacci numbers. Also the drop in value terms has been 140 (Fibo 144) and average per day fall is 0.60 (Golden ratio – 0.618). All this simply signifies the importance of Fibonacci series in stock markets. This also indicates the low formed at 113 is an important low and odds increases that this low shall be respected atleast for few weeks.

In our view the entire upmove from 2009 lows has rallied in an A-B-C formation. On the larger time frame we have shown the 328 days cycle and 82 period cycle. Both cycle has formed the bottom in first week of November thereby indicating that an uptrend can last till February 2012.

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