Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Cycles, Gann suggest: PEAK is HERE!


Today's fall in Sensex carry some very important messages:
A very important Gann angle - 45 degrees is decisively broken. As per Gann a break in this angle can result in some serious correction ahead!
Trend line from March lows connecting December low broken
RSI moved below 50 levels
Time cycles suggest an ideal time for a peak to occur. Prices will no longer be right translated and is subtly shifting to left translation indicating some serious fall very soon
We mentioned in our previous blog that a move up cannot be ruled out but it was with extreme caution as multiple wave counts of ending diagonal were possible, but it did indicate we were in final of the final waves with a top very soon. Ending diagonal is probably complete
Next 2 days will be very crucial and will confirm if we are at the gates of a deep fall !!!

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