Monday, November 2, 2009

Happened: The Breakdown! An impulse down

Strategy to adopt:
Trailing stoploss methodology is an ideal strategy to follow now if you are well in the game! Indian Markets are rather moving very fast and can move faster than we think. Selling on targets might deprive you of some exorbitant returns which otherwise would be possible! Just think...

The move down on Sensex is of impulsive structure indicating we are in for some major correction in coming weeks!
Regional rallies on 30th failed to reduce the pessimism - A sign of worry!
We have shown the Sensex target zone for first time on 11th October, before the meltdown and also warned, if you refer our previous blog on 4th October, "....any long positions shall be immediately covered as this market will not give much clues when it turn"

We showed probable path of Hindalco on 11th October, but we were little early. It is always better to be earlier than late!
We are expecting a meltdown in Hindalco prices soon in form of wave iii

Suzlon has broken down from triangle pattern of corrective Y.
Happened: We mentioned in our previous blog: "A strong breakdown...."
I will not be surprised to see this stock at previous low of March i.e. near 35 range!

A clear H&S breakdown!
We mentioned a trendline break in Maruti before it happened
We showed an up arrow a few days before 29th October, indicating Maruti is following 29 days cycle and a temporary support possible. Prices rallied on exactly the same day. This shows how precisely prices can sometime follow cycles!

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